Spa Set Free Pattern

Not going to lie: I’m terrible at self care. It’s something I advise often, make sure my kids understand, and promise myself I’ll do, but I don’t often follow my own advice. But, hey, I often also say: Progress Not Perfection. Maybe I just need some time (and some cute accessories) to remind myself toContinue reading “Spa Set Free Pattern”

Tess Tank Top: A free beginner clothing pattern

   I have to admit that when I first started taking crochet seriously, I still resisted making garments. I gave myself about a million reasons why crochet garments just weren’t worth my time. As you know by looking at this blog, I like to keep things simple. I love crochet in its most calming form.Continue reading “Tess Tank Top: A free beginner clothing pattern”

Meet the Designer: Bri Holdstein

This month, the talented designer who brings us our stripe is Briana Holdstein. You can find her on Instagram as @Hooknstein and on Facebook here. Learn a little more about her here: NAME: Briana Holdstein, but you can call me Bri! LOCATION: Auburn, Maine PLACES YOU’VE LIVED: Born, raised and reside in southern Maine TEMPERATUREContinue reading “Meet the Designer: Bri Holdstein”

It’s January 300th

Our first stripe is FINALLY here! Where I am from, in the Midwest, we can pretty well count on January temperatures being cold, sometimes with long stretches of below zero temperatures. So, you can imagine my surprise when January 2019 started off with unseasonably warm temperatures (up to the 60s some days) and then driftedContinue reading “It’s January 300th”

2019 Stress Free Temperature Blanket

There is something about a new year that makes me want to tackle ALL of the things. I want to be more organized, more efficient, more adventurous. There is something totally hypnotic about that feeling! But, I’ll be honest, half way through a Midwestern January, that feeling tends to fade a little bit. My intensityContinue reading “2019 Stress Free Temperature Blanket”

The Annabelle Infinity Scarf : Free Pattern

Not too long ago, I taught a dear friend how to crochet. It took a few tries, and finding just the right yarn and motivation to really help her get past the initial awkwardness of holding a hook, understanding the anatomy of stitches and basically all of the things that we forget about as obstaclesContinue reading “The Annabelle Infinity Scarf : Free Pattern”