Spa Set Free Pattern

Not going to lie: I’m terrible at self care. It’s something I advise often, make sure my kids understand, and promise myself I’ll do, but I don’t often follow my own advice. But, hey, I often also say: Progress Not Perfection. Maybe I just need some time (and some cute accessories) to remind myself toContinue reading “Spa Set Free Pattern”

“The Little Things” Crochet Blanket— Free Pattern

This name is a little on the nose. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that keep you grounded, keep you moving and enjoying life. This blanket is so fast, so easy, and so beautiful that it is SO easy to enjoy. I made the first sample in just one day and every member ofContinue reading ““The Little Things” Crochet Blanket— Free Pattern”

Free Pattern: The Old Fashioned Beanie

        Materials: 4.50 mm knitting needles 5.50 mm knitting needles 135 yds of worsted weight yarn (recommended yarn is Mary Maxim Natural Alpaca Tweed) 4.5mm Double pointed needle or additional circular needles (for creating the double brim) Tapestry needle Abbreviations: K: knit P: Purl K2tog: Knit two together (back loop for thisContinue reading “Free Pattern: The Old Fashioned Beanie”

Yarn Review: Mary Maxim’s Natural Alpaca Tweed

If alpacas don’t bring you joy, are you even a knitter? Once upon a birthday, my super thoughtful husband contacted a (sorta) local alpaca farm and asked if he could bring me there to meet the alpacas as a surprise. They said yes and I had the TIME of my life. I learned so much,Continue reading “Yarn Review: Mary Maxim’s Natural Alpaca Tweed”

Introducing: Teagan and Lu’s Yarn Reviews

Sometimes, when things aren’t going totally well in life, I find super solace in just taking a moment to list the things that I love, and the things that I’m grateful for. It always grounds me. It brings me back to ME and seems to set all the good things back into motion. It’s notContinue reading “Introducing: Teagan and Lu’s Yarn Reviews”