September Pattern

However delayed, here is the September pattern from yours truly! I hope you love this crazy mix of motifs that were new to me! I’ve tried my best to include some detailed photos and videos to help you along. Enjoy!!


120 yds low color

95 yds height color

6.0mm crochet hook


CH: chain

SK: Skip

DC: Double Crochet

TC: Treble Crochet

TC2tog: Treble Crochet two together (you’ll work these in the skipped stitches two rows below)

B: bobble stitch — *yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, draw through two loops* Repeat ** three more times, yarn over and pull through all five loops on the hook. DO NOT CHAIN OVER TOP, move on to next stitch


CH 2 at beginning will always count as a DC.

CH 1 at beginning will NOT count as a stitch.

An excellent tutorial for the arrow stitch can be found at:

I recommend watching the video BEFORE starting if this is an unfamiliar technique to you.


Starting on wrong side and LOW color:

Row 1: HDC across. Turn. (180)

Row 2: CH 2 (counts), *SK 2, DC in next two, working behind the last two stitches, DC into each skipped stitch —sometimes called “crossed stitches” in the pattern—, DC in next 2 sts * repeat sequence until 5sts remain. SK 2, DC in next 2 sts, Working behind, DC into skipped stitches. Finish with 1 DC. CH 1 and Turn.

Row 3 (high color): HDC 2, *work between set of crossed stitches and create a bobble, SC, HDC 4* repeat across. (You will end with 2HDC on the last repeat instead of 4)

Row 4: (low color) Repeat row 2. (See placement of cross stitches photo below)

Row 5: (high color) HDC across, CH 1 and Turn.

Row 6: *SC 3, ch 1, sk 1* Repeat across until last 4 sts. SC in final 4. Ch 2 and Turn.

Row 7: DC in each stitch and ch sp across.

Row 8 (Low Color): SC 1, TC in skipped stitch below, SK1, SC, CH 1 SK 1, SC, *work into Same skipped And then the next Skipped stitch TC2tog, SK 1 SC, CH1, SK1, SC* repeat across until 3 sts remain: TC in same skipped stitch, SK 1 and SC in final 2 sts.

For help with the arrow stitch motif featured here, visit this excellent tutorial–

Also (my attempt at showing this motif):

Rows 9 – 13: Repeat rows 1-5 in the same colors as original

Row 14: (low color) HDC across. (180)


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