Free Pattern: the Asana Leg Warmers

I can’t tell you how much joy it brings me to offer a NEW free pattern on my blog.

Truly don’t ask me how I got this photo. My husband walked in. It got awkward. Ha!

My absence from publishing was due to oh so many things: some contract design work with Darn Good Yarn which kept me busy and very happily stitching each month, a new full time job working in City Government that I finally feel like I’ve settled into, a wild whirlwind year of home schooling, flex scheduling, creative problem solving and staying-at-home-ing.

But here we are: back with my first free independent design since way too long ago. If you are new here: Welcome. If you’ve stuck with me: Hi Sweets. I appreciate you so very much.

On to the Pattern:

During this most tumultuous year, I’ve learned a lot about myself (cheesy but true). Following a health scare this year- which thankfully was easily cared for- I realized there is no time like the present to own my wellness, fitness and energy level. I’ve returned to a life of prioritizing movement, healthy habits and choices (not ALL the time, but none of us are perfect) so my upcoming designs are a nod to this change.

My first design are these Legwarmers that were born out of true necessity. I started attending early morning yoga classes in the winter, and found that it would take me a very long time for my joints—problematic joints no less— had a hard time warming up. So, I thought I’d try some leg warmers and they truly made a difference getting me prepped for a yoga session. Also, they’re real adorable. See below:

Please enjoy this free pattern, or if you are so inclined to help my yarny footprint grow- purchase the PDF pattern on Ravelry.



SLST: Slip Stitch 

BLO – Indicates working into the Back Loop Only

HDC:Half Double Crochet ** All HDC stitches for this pattern are made into the back loop only**

CH: Chain

PM: Place Marker

MM: Move Marker

Sts: stitch(es)

Style Note: Capital lettered abbreviations indicate stitches made, lower case abbreviations indicate placement directions.


2-3 Balls (258 yds/ball) of Sirdar Snuggly Supersoft or comparable aran/worsted weight yarn 

S-M(L-XL, XXL) – 350 yds(417 yds, 499 yds)

5.5 mm crochet hook

Locking Stitch Markers (optional, but helpful)

Tapestry needle


(in HDC BLO)

4×4 = 14 sts by 20 rows

Finished Dimensions:

Choosing a Size: The ribbing for all sizes will comfortably boast about 1 ½” in additional stretch (width not circumference), and the calf portion up to an additional 3”.

To choose a size, measure the circumference of the fullest portion of your calf and choose the italicized approximate calf circumference that most closely matches your measurement.

Skill Level: Beginner +


This pattern is worked flat and seamed or slip stitched to join the fabric into a tube which will become your leg warmer.

This pattern is written for one length. The fit is meant to be at the ankle and directly below the knee. Should you want longer leg warmers, simply increase the number of HDC stitches.

All stitches for this pattern are worked into the back loop only (BLO).

CH 1 does NOT count as a stitch.

Using locking stitch markers to indicate the separation between your slip stitch ribbing stitches from your HDC stitches is highly recommended.

Photo By Janine Mudge

Pattern (Make 2):

Begin by chaining 71

*REMINDER: All stitches are worked in the BLO*

Row 1: SLST into second CH from hook and for the next 14 sts, PM in last slst, HDC into next 40 sts, SLST, PM, Continue SLST to end. CH 1 and Turn. (70 sts – 15 SLST, 40 HDC, 15 SLST)

Row 2: SLST in 15 sts, MM, HDC in next 40 sts, SLST, MM, Continue SLST to end. CH 1 and Turn. (70 sts – 15 SLST, 40 HDC, 15 SLST)

*Stitch Count Remains the Same Throughout*

For Size SMALL-MEDIUM: Repeat Row 2 until you’ve completed 50 rows.

For Size LARGE – EXTRA LARGE: Repeat Row 2 until you’ve completed 62 rows.

For Size EXTRA EXTRA LARGE: Repeat Row 2 until you’ve completed 74 rows.


Before binding off, join the long ends and loosely slip stitch into front loops only of corresponding stitches along the long edge to join into a tube. Bind off and weave in ends.

Once you are all done, enjoy dancing, working out, or just relaxing with these cozy legwarmers and be sure to share them on social media and tag me @TeaganandLu on IG and Facebook!


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