Spa Set Free Pattern

Not going to lie: I’m terrible at self care. It’s something I advise often, make sure my kids understand, and promise myself I’ll do, but I don’t often follow my own advice. But, hey, I often also say: Progress Not Perfection. Maybe I just need some time (and some cute accessories) to remind myself toContinue reading “Spa Set Free Pattern”

Tess Tank Top: A free beginner clothing pattern

   I have to admit that when I first started taking crochet seriously, I still resisted making garments. I gave myself about a million reasons why crochet garments just weren’t worth my time. As you know by looking at this blog, I like to keep things simple. I love crochet in its most calming form.Continue reading “Tess Tank Top: A free beginner clothing pattern”

The Easy Silence Cabled Baby Beanie

I designed this simple, cabled hat when I decided to contribute to the American Heart Association’s Little Hats, Big Hearts campaign, which raises awareness for congenital heart defects. I’ve included both a preemie and newborn size for this simple cabled hat. I hope you can use this pattern to contribute to the cause! Note fromContinue reading “The Easy Silence Cabled Baby Beanie”