2019 Stress Free Temperature Blanket


There is something about a new year that makes me want to tackle ALL of the things. I want to be more organized, more efficient, more adventurous. There is something totally hypnotic about that feeling!

But, I’ll be honest, half way through a Midwestern January, that feeling tends to fade a little bit. My intensity for all those “be better” rallying calls just…falls off. For this reason, I have gotten into the habit of making my resolutions or goals VERY achievable.

One year, I resolved to keep my car clean and free of all the coffee mugs that just somehow end up living in there. I kid you not, another year I resolved to wear cute socks every day and another to keep my nails done. We are talking about simple tasks that I could incorporate into a really busy life and serve as just the tiniest little reminder that I COULD keep it all together. It was a little grounding reminder that no matter how hectic things were, I could exert a little control. Who knew cute socks had such power?! (As an offshoot, somehow achieving these teeny tiny goals helped give me the confidence to set bigger goals, but that’s a post for another day.)

Also each year, I think of making a temperature blanket, marking the whole year while recording it with crochet. It’s the BEST idea. I love it. The chart, the practice, the whole thing. But, that is beginning of the year Therese talking. The one who can tackle anything and doesn’t get overwhelmed or tired or… just done. The realistic Therese gets to day 4 of the new year wherein I’ve worked, grocery shopped, mommed, wifed, dog momed and my only interest is sitting down with some tea to BE. It’s so easy to get behind with an idea like this one. So, ladies and gents, I am applying my teeny tiny resolutions idea to the Temperature Blanket and I am inviting you to join me!

The Scoop:

I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite designers (and they are probably yours too) to offer a MONTHLY temperature blanket idea that is low on stress, low on commitment, but high in fun and flexibility. Here is what I have come up with:

  • The Blanket is a Throw Size (60 by 75 inches) at completion. But we will work a vertical stripe at the END of each month. (Each stripe is 60″ wide and 6.25″ tall)
  • We will use just TWO temperatures (two colors) for each month that correspond to the average high temperature and average low temperature for the month. (This is specific to your locale and your very own color scheme.)
  • YOU get to choose your color palette so the end result fits into wherever you envision it.
  • Each stripe will be designed by a different crochet designer from our community, so the product will be a very cool sampler blanket that you can take your time with and be proud of.  (I have a VERY few spots left for the year so if you are interested in designing one, hit me up!)
  • Can’t commit to working on it every day? NO PROBLEM. Each design will be revealed for free on the Teagan and Lu blog for FREE at the end of the month. This means that you have a WHOLE month to work your section before the next one debuts.

What Ifs and FAQs:

What colors and yarn does it use?

You can choose! Download the worksheet and choose your own colors. As designers, we have committed to using Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn so we can pretty easily keep the gauge for the project the same (seriously, stress free stitching over here!) but you can choose whatever you like. The patterns for each stripe will be written for worsted weight and a 6mm hook. (Or whatever you need to reach gauge determined by the first month’s stripe.)

What if I live in an area where there aren’t drastic temperature changes?

Easy Peasy. The original key for color ranges is set in mostly 10 degree increments. If you live in a place that experiences pretty consistent temperature ranges (lucky you) you can just adjust to make those increments smaller (so instead of 10 degrees, do 5 or whatever would help you utilize the color chart best).

What happens if the High and Low temps are in the same temp range?

As designers, we are using two color colorwork in each sections but we are ALSO creating sections with fun and interesting textures, so even if it’s worked in all one color, it will look interesting!

What if I can’t commit to this every day?

NO PROBLEM. Each design will be revealed for free on the Teagan and Lu blog for FREE at the end of the month. This means that you have a WHOLE month to work your section before the next one debuts.

How do I find out the high and low temps?

Two ways, you can take them down each day by hand and do a little math to figure out the average (if this scratches your itch for something to commit to daily, go for it) OR you can use a government maintained weather site like weather.gov or the National Weather Service website or US Climate Data Website (for my Americans) to get that data for your area.

I’m all in! How do I stay connected?

The Teagan and Lu blog will be the hub for this project! You can expect features here on all the designers involved and free patterns posted here for each of the stripes. Please subscribe to my updates AND sign up for my newsletter so you can stay informed! I’m also really excited to feature your temperature blankets on the blog and my Instagram! Use the hashtag #StressFreeTempBlanket on Instagram and tag me so I can show off your work!

Temp Blanket badgedone

How should I get started:

  1. Download and fill out the Temperature Blanket worksheet (below) to pick your colors for the blanket.
  2. Go Get your Yarn!
  3. Spread the word on Social Media by posting this sticker (above) to your Feed or Stories to get others interested in the project! Feel free to follow me on Instagram
  4. Stay tuned! I’ll be debuting the pattern for the first stripe (designed by me!) on the last day of each month in my newsletter and blog! Make sure you are signed up to receive my email updates! (See the form Below!)
  5. Be sure to investigate resources for your area that can give you the temperature data you need. It may be necessary for you to keep track of the data on your own. For instance, I live about 2 hours outside of Chicago, and our local weather service collects data in a town that is about 40 minutes South of where I live. There IS data for average highs and lows available for THAT location, but not my town specifically. It’s similar enough, that I am choosing to use that resource, but if you want something that is accurate to your location, make sure you know whether or not it will be available to you at the end of the month. (Phew. That was a long one!)

Thanks so much for all the enthusiasm you all have shown for this project! I couldn’t be more excited about it! Here’s to a colorful and stress free year!

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