Spooky Chic Bunting: Free Pattern

When I had the chance to create something special for Darn Good Yarn around Halloween time, I was so excited to get to work. Once the yarn arrived, I knew it would make a really show stopping Bunting. Once the Bunting was done, though, I felt it needed just a little bit MORE. That’s whenContinue reading “Spooky Chic Bunting: Free Pattern”

The Whimsical Winter Wall Hanging: Free Pattern

I don’t think I have made anything more “me” than this wall hanging. When I saw this 100% New Zealand Wool from Darn Good Yarn, I really couldn’t wait to make something that was really a creative statement. (I definitely felt the same about my Halloween Bunting, too.) I love how all the colors ofContinue reading “The Whimsical Winter Wall Hanging: Free Pattern”

The Annabelle Infinity Scarf : Free Pattern

Not too long ago, I taught a dear friend how to crochet. It took a few tries, and finding just the right yarn and motivation to really help her get past the initial awkwardness of holding a hook, understanding the anatomy of stitches and basically all of the things that we forget about as obstaclesContinue reading “The Annabelle Infinity Scarf : Free Pattern”

The Alice Earwarmer — Free Crochet Pattern

The Alice Earwarmer is by far my most popular pattern and beat selling finished item. I’m so excited to offer it here as a FREE pattern. The Alice Earwarmer was born of necessity: my, at the time, two-year-old daughter wouldn’t wear a hat to save her life, and if I was able to get somethingContinue reading “The Alice Earwarmer — Free Crochet Pattern”

The Roundabout Basket FREE Crochet Pattern

Inspired by the endless amounts of clutter in my life, I created the Roundabout Basket. This pattern is suitable for an intermediate crocheter who is comfortable working in the round. Pay special attention to the slightly different join, and a new way to build up from the base to create a sturdy, eye catching basketContinue reading “The Roundabout Basket FREE Crochet Pattern”

The Twelve Patterns of Christmas

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: This Community is the real deal. I’m a little bit obsessed with just how supportive and collaborative this space is. So, here’s an example: My dear friends Ellen and Bri (of Crochet.by.Ellen and LifeAndYarn) came up with an idea to compile some super holiday cheer-inducing patternsContinue reading “The Twelve Patterns of Christmas”