It’s time to relax

Self Care

Self care is more than just a Buzzword, and I have found that taking just a little bit of time to do something for ME helps so much, especially during this very busy Holiday season.

We all have the things that really resonate with us to feel centered, relaxed and ready to take on the hustle and bustle of life. For me, it’s crochet, yoga and all things beauty.

So, in the spirit of being kind to ourselves, I have decided to compile my favorite patterns that promote self care into an easy to access list for my readers. I hope you enjoy all the goodness these patterns have to offer, and whether you are gifting yourself or others with these relaxation tools, I hope you can give each of them, and their designers, some love:

1. Crochet Sleepy Owl Mask:  Get a good night’s sleep with this cute sleep mask by Repeat Crafter Me. I, for one, really struggle to get the recommended 8 hours of rest each night, so using a sleep mask is so helpful to provide a nice, dark, cozy respite from a busy house. Also, how stinkin’ cute is this?



2. Homebody Slippers: Janine from Capital Crochet has created the coziest slippers made from the Ultra Cozy Bernat Blanket yarn. I can’t imagine not feeling super cozy while wearing these perfect Homebody Slippers.


3. Mer-Love Yoga Socks: Another way I love to unwind and be kind to myself is by engaging in yoga practice. That’s why I love these Mer-Love Yoga socks by Miranda at Crazy4CrochetMomma. This free pattern would also make a perfect gift for the yoga lover in your life.

yoga socks

4. Pampering Massage Soap Saver: When I need to be extra kind to myself, a nice long bath or shower is the perfect thing to rejuvenate and get back into gear. I love this Massaging Soap cozy by Tamara from Moogly Blog. She has offered this pattern free on her blog.


5. Spa Cloth, Headband and Face Scrubbers: When I am stressed, my skin gets the worst of it. Breakouts, dryness, the whole thing. Some people wear their feelings on their sleeve, for me, it shows right in my face. So, when things get especially hectic, I have to get even more proactive about my skincare routine. I love using this extra luxe spa cloth and headband I designed to take care of my skin, as well as these cute and convenient cotton rounds to minimize waste in my skincare routine. I offered this pack of patterns FREE to my newsletter subscribers, and it’s available for a small fee on my Ravelry.



I hope you enjoyed this short round up of patterns that I love to encourage self-care. Now, it’s important to note that I’m no self-care guru, just a busy mom/crafter who is just dipping her toes into making herself a priority. Self care can mean so many things. I’ve also included some of my favorite take-a-time-out products available through my Amazon Affiliate Store.



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Hi, I'm Theresa (Therese to friend and family) and I live outside of Chicago in Illinois in a small college town. I'm a mom of two (and Fur Mom of two, too), and wife to my sweet husband. I love all things crafty, but am particularly obsessed with the fiber arts. I hope you enjoy my reviews, patterns and features!

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