Spooky Chic Bunting: Free Pattern

When I had the chance to create something special for Darn Good Yarn around Halloween time, I was so excited to get to work. Once the yarn arrived, I knew it would make a really show stopping Bunting. Once the Bunting was done, though, I felt it needed just a little bit MORE. That’s whenContinue reading “Spooky Chic Bunting: Free Pattern”

The Whimsical Winter Wall Hanging: Free Pattern

I don’t think I have made anything more “me” than this wall hanging. When I saw this 100% New Zealand Wool from Darn Good Yarn, I really couldn’t wait to make something that was really a creative statement. (I definitely felt the same about my Halloween Bunting, too.) I love how all the colors ofContinue reading “The Whimsical Winter Wall Hanging: Free Pattern”

The Annabelle Infinity Scarf : Free Pattern

Not too long ago, I taught a dear friend how to crochet. It took a few tries, and finding just the right yarn and motivation to really help her get past the initial awkwardness of holding a hook, understanding the anatomy of stitches and basically all of the things that we forget about as obstaclesContinue reading “The Annabelle Infinity Scarf : Free Pattern”

The Alice Earwarmer — Free Crochet Pattern

The Alice Earwarmer is by far my most popular pattern and beat selling finished item. I’m so excited to offer it here as a FREE pattern. The Alice Earwarmer was born of necessity: my, at the time, two-year-old daughter wouldn’t wear a hat to save her life, and if I was able to get somethingContinue reading “The Alice Earwarmer — Free Crochet Pattern”

The Roundabout Basket FREE Crochet Pattern

Inspired by the endless amounts of clutter in my life, I created the Roundabout Basket. This pattern is suitable for an intermediate crocheter who is comfortable working in the round. Pay special attention to the slightly different join, and a new way to build up from the base to create a sturdy, eye catching basketContinue reading “The Roundabout Basket FREE Crochet Pattern”

The Twelve Patterns of Christmas

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: This Community is the real deal. I’m a little bit obsessed with just how supportive and collaborative this space is. So, here’s an example: My dear friends Ellen and Bri (of Crochet.by.Ellen and LifeAndYarn) came up with an idea to compile some super holiday cheer-inducing patternsContinue reading “The Twelve Patterns of Christmas”

Just because you Can: A Welcome to my Blogspace

For a long time, I struggled with whether or not I should start this little blog. I struggled wondering if my voice is one that’s needed in our fiber community. The internal jury is still out on that one, but the Foreperson of that internal jury is pretty self-assured that no matter where this goesContinue reading “Just because you Can: A Welcome to my Blogspace”