Meet the Designer: Emily Davies

This month, I was so pleased to have Emily Davies of Hooked Hazel as this stripe’s designer! (Click if you are looking for the August Pattern) You are going to LOVE it. Get to know Emily, by reading her Q&A responses and be sure to visit her channels below them!

Name: Emily Davies
Places you’ve lived: I was born in Colorado, and moved to Kansas when I was a baby. I lived in Ohio for a year in middle school, before moving back to Kansas. Then, after high school I moved to Nashville, TN for a couple years. But now I’m back in Kansas. I’m a Midwest girl at heart!
Temperature blanket strategy: I went with a lot of greys, but some fun colors like mustard and cranberry to break it up!
Describe your perfect day: A perfect day for me would be exploring somewhere new with my family! We love checking out new places. Of course, I’d have to take my crochet with me!
Favorite season: Definitely fall. My town is full of maple trees, and the colors in fall are unreal – everything from pumpkin orange to deep red to bright yellow. It’s so inspiring! 
Favorite crochet stitch or technique: I love half double crochet because it’s so squishy and it’s the perfect height!
Favorite project to date: Hmmm, that’s a tough one! It might by my Striped Down Cardi by Knitatude because it’s so soft and goes with everything. I wear that one A LOT!
What was your first ever project: A potholder! I made a ton of potholders when I first learned crochet!
How do you craft (workspace, setting, beverages): I work in my bedroom a lot. It’s the only place the dog isn’t allowed. I do have a craft room but my daughter has sort of taken it over as her painting studio.
Favorite non-yarn hobbies: Definitely reading! I also love going beer or wine tasting, especially in a new town. Exploring new towns or areas is also something I really enjoy.
What is your inspiration for this design: I’ve been loving granny stripes lately, so I wanted to do something similar, but different from a tradition granny stitch. I also thought the bobbles would tie in with previous months.
Most unusual talent: Hmmm, I’m not sure it’s unusual, but I’m really good with math because my day job is as an accountant. So I am constantly thinking in numbers.
Favorite book and why: Easily the Harry Potter series. I think it is really a timeless series and has so many parallels to real life and situations people face (though on a, you know, much larger scale) and the differences between good and evil. My favorite quote from the series is “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” I think of that a lot and try to apply it to my life.
Favorite toy as a kid: Oh goodness! I had a doll, similar to a Cabbage Patch doll, that I named “Old Baby”. I have no clue why I named her that, but she was my favorite. I remember sitting in front of the wash machine once because she was dirty, and my mom insisted on washing her. I was so scared she would drown.
Favorite Beatles song: Usually I would say Blackbird, but I just saw the movie “Yesterday”, and have been listening to that soundtrack a lot, specifically The Long & Winding Road and Yesterday. There are so many great songs to choose from though!

Be sure to visit Emily on her channels:

Hooked Hazel on IG

Hooked Hazel on Etsy

Hooked Hazel website

Hooked Hazel on Ravelry


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