August Pattern by Emily Davies

August was the quickest month for me and my family! We did SO much soaking up the end of summer that it seemed to just FLY by!

While it was hard to see summer go, this fantastic stripe by Emily Davies of Hooked Hazel made it a bit easier to wave goodbye to August. You will LOVE this stripe!

You can read more about Emily HERE, but before you visit her feature Q & A, I’ll gush about her! Emily is an extremely talented designer whose garments and accessories never fail to evoke the “I-need-to-make-that” reaction. What’s more, she is a supportive member of the online crafting community and I feel lucky to call her a friend! Thanks, Emily for creating this beautiful stripe to share with us!

Without Further Ado, here is

The August Stripe:

**Some Notes about August– You will begin Row 1 with the Wrong Side facing.

Color changes happen on the same side, so if you plan to participate in the border for this piece, you can carry your colors up the side!

The bobbles (as always) May need a bit of help being pushed to the Right Side as you make them.



 High color – 220 yards
 Low color – 120 yards

Hook: 6.00 mm



Ch – chain

St – stitch

Sk – skip

Sc – single crochet

Dc – double crochet

Bo – bobble

YO – yarn over

[ ] – instructions in brackets are worked in one stitch


Special Stitches:

1 below (may be a dc or a sc, depending on the row)  work the indicated st into the stitch one row directly below, as shown in the following photo:


Bobble – *YO, insert hook into st, YO and pull up a loop, YO and pull through 2 of the loops.* Repeat from * to * two more times, 4 loops remain on hook. YO and pull through remaining loops.


Row 1: (In low color) Dc across. Ch 1, turn. (180 dc)

Row 2: (In low color) Sc 1, *bo, sc 3*, repeat from * to * across until 3 sts remain, bo, sc 2. Ch 2, turn. (45 bo, 135 sc)

Row 3: (In high color) Dc in first st, *ch 1, sk 3, 3dc in next st*, repeat from * to * across, until 3 sts remain, ch 1,sk 2, dc in final st. Ch 2, turn. (135 dc)

Row 4: (In high color) *[Dc, dc 1 below, dc] in ch sp, ch 1, sk3*, repeat from * to * across, dc in turning ch. Ch 2, turn. (136 dc)

Row 5: (In low color) Dc in first st, *ch 1, sk 3, [dc, dc 1 below, dc] in ch sp, *, repeat from * to * across, until 3 sts remain, ch1,sk 2, dc in final st. Ch 2, turn. (135 dc)

Row 6: (In low color), repeat row 4

Row 7: (In high color), repeat row 5

Row 8: (In high color), repeat row 4

Row 9: (In low color), repeat row 5

Row 10: (In low color) repeat row 4

Row 11: (In high color), repeat row 5

Row 12: (In high color), repeat row 4

Row 13: (In low color), repeat row 4 (only ch 1, turn).

Row 14: (In low color), *sc 1, sc 1 below, bo, sc 1* repeat from * to * across. Ch 2, turn. (45 bo, 135 sc)                 

Row 15: (In low color) Dc across. (180 dc)

And that’s a wrap on the August Pattern!

Make sure to visit Emily’s channels for more of her photos and patterns by following the links below:

Hooked Hazel on IG

Hooked Hazel on Etsy

Hooked Hazel website

Hooked Hazel on Ravelry






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