Meet the Designer: Jessy Rought

I had the pleasure of meeting this month’s designer in person at Yarn Con Chicago this year! She is kind, friendly and just SO talented as a designer, maker and seamstress. AND, we lucky Temp Blanket makers will get TWO monthly patterns from our designer for April: Jessy Rought! Learn a bit more about her below:

Name: Jessy Rought

Location: Mattawan, Michigan


Places You’ve lived: I was actually born in California but I spent my early years growing up in Toledo Ohio. When I was 11 or 12, I moved up to a teeny tiny town called Reading, Michigan. I moved up to Kalamazoo, Michigan for college and I’ve been in this area ever since!


Temperature blanket strategy: I didn’t really have much of a strategy other than I knew I had to have bobbles! I did a lot of playing around with my design on paper before I actually made a swatch!


Describe your perfect day: it has to be a day that I can open all of my windows to have fresh air in the house! My husband and I love taking our girls to the park so that would be a must. I’d need some time for crocheting or knitting obviously! And take-out for dinner because I HATE cooking and dishes🤣 I’m pretty introverted, so an easy going day like this sounds perfect to me!


Favorite season: FALL! 100% fall. Spring is a close second. But fall has my heart. The colors and the crisp air. Market season. ohhh I just can’t wait!


Favorite crochet stitch or technique: HDC all day! I love how mindless and quick it works up. I do really like TC because it always feels like I’m waving a magic wand around

Favorite project to date: I don’t think I can answer this one.. I really don’t know if I can choose. My top three are all patterns from @madebyhaileybailey the starling cardigan (I made two) the cross bill cardigan and the monarch sweater.


Favorite people to make things for? My daughters! Reagan and Riley. They aren’t very happy when it comes to modeling anything I make for them but they are so fun to make for!


What was your first ever project? Besides some really awful washcloths when my mom first started teaching me, I made a huge blanket. It’s the only full blanket I’ve ever finished. I had to be 17 or 18 at the time.


How do you craft (workspace, setting, beverages)? I’m pretty much a work whenever and whereever I can person. I gave up my craft room when I found out I was pregnant with Rey so she could have her own room. My amazing husband let me turn half of our bedroom into a “Work space”. There is where I do most of my sewing. I do like to have a glass of something while I work. Depends on the time of day what I’m drinking.


Favorite Non- Yarn hobbies? I love reading. Reading has been one of my favorite pass times since I was in third grade and I read Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets. I actually just finished my 13th book for 2019. I also love going to the movies. My husband and I are huge theater nerds cinema and Broadway.


What is your inspiration for this design? I’m actually working on my own pattern currently that has a similar design with colorwork instead of bobbles. I did the math and it turned out it worked perfect for this project. How could I say now?



Most unusual talent? Im really not sure I have any unusual talents? I’d usually say crochet or knit for something like that but I don’t think that would be very unusual in this instance.


Favorite Book and Why? There is no way I could every pick just one book. Harry Potter series has been with me since childhood. That would have to be one of my favorites. But I’ve read a lot this year and I have many “favorites”. I recently read A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah Maas and I LOVED it.


What was your favorite Toy as a kid? I guess it would have to depend on my age. I recall loving barbies. But also was very into my Gameboy when those were first released. I also have the worst memory. So this isn’t the easiest question for me.


Favorite Beatles song? I really really love “Hey Jude” but I have “All you need is love” literally tattooed on my body. So I will have to go with “All you need is love”

Visit Jessy on her Social Media accounts and Etsy by clicking HERE

Want to make Jessy’s April Stripe? Click HERE


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