Wandering Child Wall Hanging — a Free Knitting Pattern

I like a little adventure as much as the next guy, but really, deep in my heart, I am just a homebody. I want to cozy up in my little knitting corner with some hot tea or coffee, throw on a little indie rock and be one with the crafting. I think that’s why I love designing home decor pieces SO much.

I love what soft texture on the walls can do to a space. Instant cozy. And, while I do love weaving, I love the instant gratification of these One Skein, knit wall hangings even better.

If you are a confident knitter, you will be able to churn this pattern out in no time at all.

I designed three different wall hangings and decided to offer up this one for free. You can get the others (all bundled into one PDF) in my Ravelry Store.

They are named after some of my favorite songs right now and they make the best companion to these fun makes:

1. Wandering Child by Wild Rivers

2. Avalanche by Handsome and Gretl

3. Wait by the River by Lord Huron

I hope you enjoy this free pattern!

(You can get the AD Free PDF of all three patterns in my Ravelry store)


One Skein (at least 42 yards) of Jumbo Yarn

I used Loops and Threads Boho Bohemien

(I also used Bernat Jumbo)

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15mm or 19mm Boye Knitting Needles


(You can substitute the 15mm needles for a smaller hanging)

¾ inch Dowel (12” and 16”)

Hemp cord (optional)



K: knit

P: Purl

Sl: slip (as if to Purl)

Yo: Yarn over

Psso: Pass slipped stitch over

Flower: Dandelion Flower Stitch. See tutorial below

P2tog: Purl two stitches together (decrease)


Dandelion Flower stitch is worked as follows:

Each “dandelion” is formed by three flower petal stitches, separated by two knit stitches. Please view the below photo tutorial to understand how to create the Dandelion Flower Petal Stitch. The first two photos demonstrate making the petal. They last shows a full “Dandelion.”

FLOWER: Petal, K2, Petal, K2, Petal

When the pattern says “Flower” follow steps below to complete the motif:

  1. Insert your right hand needle into the third stitch down, and one stitch over on the left hand needle.

  2. Knit a stitch through this space, pulling the finished “petal” onto the right hand needle.

  3. The first two petal stitches are followed by 2 knit stitches. (You will knit one through the space —making a stitch— K2 and repeat. Then knit another through the space then continue. Three stitches will be made in this row.)

  4. Each of the three Fl stitches that create a dandelion are worked into the same stitch.

Tip: If it seems difficult to knit the third petal, the same result is achieved by inserting a crochet hook through the space, front to back and pulling up a loop to place on the right needle.

Should you have trouble, Knitting Stitch Patterns online has a great video of this motif worked flat.

Wandering Child Wall Hanging:

Finished Dimensions without fringe (19mm needles:  11 ¼ x 12 ½ ” 15mm needles: 9 ¼ x 10 ½”

CO 17 sts

Row 1: K across

Row 2: P across

Row 3: K across

Row 4: P across

Row 5: K3, Flower, K4 Flower, K2

Row 6: P2, (P2tog, P) twice, P2tog, P3, (P2tog, P) twice, P2tog, P2

Row 7 – 10: Repeat rows 1 – 4

Row 11: K7, Flower, K6

Row 12: P6, (P2tog, P) twice, P2tog, P6

Rows 13- 19: Repeat rows 1 -7

Do not bind off. Instead, insert dowel through live stitches and cut a long tail. Weave tail in.

Using remaining yarn, cut equal lengths to add fringe to the bottom of hanging.

Steam block, attach a hanging cord if desired.


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