Meet the Designer: Ellen Bergmann

This month  I am so pleased to announce that our designer is Ellen Bergmann.
Ellen runs and is a designer, maker, mom and teacher. Ellen’s classic and romantic designs are some of my favorites! If you don’t follow Ellen on her channels, keep in touch with her here:Instagram: Ravelry:
NAME: Ellen Bergmann


LOCATION: Salem, Oregon


PLACES YOU’VE LIVED: Bend, Halfway, Corvallis, Eugene, Springfield, Brownsville, Millersburg, Silverton, Salem, Philomath (Oregon)Renton (Washington)


TEMPERATURE BLANKET STRATEGY: I used the colors in a wave to symbolize the ups and downs of the temperature as the season changes from winter to spring.


DESCRIBE YOUR PERFECT DAY (temperature and activity): My perfect day is one spent outdoors crocheting while the kids play; 70 degrees, sunny, and a slight breeze.


FAVORITE SEASON: I used to love Fall, but as a teacher and mom I have fallen in love with Summer.


FAVORITE CROCHET STITCH OR TECHNIQUE: Arcade Stitch! I use it in most of my designs.

FAVORITE PROJECT TO DATE: Renata Raglan Top! ( )


PEOPLE YOU LIKE TO MAKE THINGS FOR: I love to make for myself, my kids and my home.


WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST EVER CROCHET PROJECT: I must have been 5 years old and my grandma had me cranking out doily coasters.

HOW DO YOU CRAFT? (WORKSPACE, SETTING, BEVERAGES?): My perfect crafting space is sitting in my living room in my crochet chair watching a true crime drama and sipping a grapefruit LaCroix.

FAVORITE NON YARN HOBBIES OR ACTIVITIES: Gardening, puzzles, sewing, diy home projects, landscaping.

WHAT WAS THE INSPIRATION FOR THIS DESIGN?: I wanted to mimic the ups and downs that we experience as the weather changes and seasons transition from winter to spring.



Just for Fun questions:

Most unusual talent? I can answer random Jeopardy questions correctly.

Favorite book and why? Lately its been You are a Badass by Jen Sincero because it’s the perfect pick-me-up for a mom boss and for those looking to rediscover their self worth and full potential.

Favorite toy as a kid? I loved my stuffed bear, but I was perfectly content to play with rocks and sticks outside 🙂

What was the best year of your life? I’m hoping this will be the best year ever! Having just turned 30, I’m happy to say goodbye to the chaotic 20’s and start living life more laid back and enjoy each moment rather than waiting for life’s next big transition.

Most caring thing anyone has ever done for you? My hubby working full time and giving me the liberty to stay at home with the kids while they are little.

Favorite Beatles Song? Let it Be

What is your favorite memory that happened in March? Working in the backyard with the kids playing. The sun is always my favorite thing about March 🙂


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