Just because you Can: A Welcome to my Blogspace

For a long time, I struggled with whether or not I should start this little blog. I struggled wondering if my voice is one that’s needed in our fiber community. The internal jury is still out on that one, but the Foreperson of that internal jury is pretty self-assured that no matter where this goes (who reads it, what happens with it, etc.), it’s something I have been WANTING to do.

I hate seeing things in the fiber world that make me think, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” — I’m looking at YOU nosewarmer trend. It’s my biggest fear. But I figured I would be honest with that biggest fear right at the jump. So, I hereby swear to make this space one that I find meaningful and helpful, and I hope you like it too.

So, here’s to keeping this space as fun, productive, collaborative and free of terrible ideas (ie- nosewarmers) as it possibly can be.

The plan is to offer fun things like free patterns, mini crochet and knit alongside, yarn reviews and even some interviews with folks from our community.

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About the Designer:

Hi, I’m Theresa of Teagan and Lu. I’m a wife, mom of two and constant crafter living in Central Illinois. I love to create easy and fun patterns and host mini crochet alongs on my IG and Facebook Pages. Follow me on social media for more free patterns and crochet alongs! @TeaganandLu

Please note that the links you see within my free patterns and blog posts are Affiliate links. This means that any sales generated by your click throughs result in a small percentage payment to me and my small business. Using these links helps to allow me to provide my patterns here free of charge. Thank you for supporting my work!

Interested in collaborating? Email me at theresadenham at gmail dot com

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